Roundtable discussion to commemorate the World Environment Day 2009

09/10/2009 22:31
UCN Bangladesh and WaterAid Bangladesh have organized a roundtable discussion on 3rd June 2009, Wednesday at the CIRDAP Auditorium, Dhaka to commemorate the World Environment Day 2009. See More

Regional Director of IUCN Asia visits Bangladesh

09/10/2009 22:26
IUCN Asia Regional Director, Ms. Aban Marker Kabraji visited Bangladesh from 18 May to 23 May 2008. During her stay in Bangladesh, she visited Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj district, a unique wetland ecosystem and a Ramsar site where IUCN Bangladesh is implementing a flagship project.See more

Thousands of Aila victims remain under open sky

09/10/2009 22:06
  Sourav Mondal, back from Satkhira — Thousands of people of the Gabura union under Shyamnagar upazila in Satkhira remain under the open sky following the devastations of cyclone Aila. They are experiencing manifold problems like safe water, shelter, food, clothes and health. Relief...

Climate fears for Bangladesh's future

09/10/2009 21:48
Environment analyst, Bangladesh Masuma's home is a bamboo and polythene shack in one of the hundreds of slums colonising every square metre of unbuilt land in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Masuma is an environmental refugee, fleeing from the floods which have always beset her...

Well water could be killing 3,000 Bangladeshis each year

09/10/2009 21:44
Arsenic-tainted well water could be causing up to 125,000 cases of skin cancer and 3,000 deaths each year in Bangladesh, a new report estimates. Sinking some wells deeper could cut these figures by as much as 70%, the study concludes.See More

Bangladesh launches climate change action plan

09/10/2009 21:42
Bangladesh, one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, has launched a strategy to help the nation adapt to threats such as rising sea level, water-logged land and increased salinity. The strategy is aimed at adapting to the local effects of climate change over the coming...

Geologists cleared in Bangladeshi poisoning case

09/10/2009 21:32
A British court has ruled that a geological survey team is not to blame for failing to detect arsenic contamination in Bangladesh's well water. Bangladeshi villagers had accused the British Geological Survey (BGS) of negligence, arguing that it should have spotted the danger. see more