Thousands of Aila victims remain under open sky

09/10/2009 22:06


Thousands of Aila victims remain under open skySourav Mondal, back from Satkhira — Thousands of people of the Gabura union under Shyamnagar upazila in Satkhira remain under the open sky following the devastations of cyclone Aila.

They are experiencing manifold problems like safe water, shelter, food, clothes and health.

Relief activities, water supply and health care support have been suspended after a few weeks, local people said.

People like gypsy community are living in sub human condition in small makeshift shelters on both sides of the embankment of the Khelpetua River. The size of each such shelter varies between 5- 6 feet only.

A family of five to six have to huddle together in such houses in unhygienic condition.

Cyclone Aila hit the country on May 25 in 11 coastal districts triggering tidal surges and flooding that forced people to migrate to safe shelters.

Standing crops and cattle heads were swept away by the cyclone rendering many people of the area as paupers. The cyclone also caused severe damage to houses, infrastructures, trees and other resources.

At least 20,297 houses were damaged and 58,450 domestic animals killed, according to the disaster management ministry. At least 90 percent of shrimp enclosures and flood control dams in Khulna and Bagerhat districts were washed away.

Nearly 200 people were killed in the cyclone that ripped through the country while millions remained marooned by floodwater. See More